A Sterling Reputation is Worth 2 Cents.

The issue of race has reached another climax in the wake of NBA owner Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers having his prejudicial beliefs and discriminatory practices exposed.   Enter in Mrs. Sterling, who after the banning of her husband says she will fight for her financial interests in the ownership of the team.  Image

Much respect to LeBron James and Doc Rivers for standing up openly and saying “No!”. Individuals who stand up are often ridiculed, criticized, and pay a huge public and financial price for doing so.  Just ask Craig Hodges, Muhammad Ali, Tommy Smith, John Carlos.  I guess once you lose your public love it is easier not to cling to it, good to see some not shying from the moment but standing up despite the public backlash.

The problem is Shelly Sterling didn’t “stand up” when her husband was continually sued for racist and discriminatory practices in years past.  She didn’t “stand up” when her husband failed to publicly apologize for his remarks  or when he would make constant racist slurs at his own players while sitting court side  next to her.  No, she stands up to be heard when her financial interest are at risk, which is also her husband Donald Sterling’s financial interests.

The answer needs to be “No” by the league.  I hope this off-season more players, especially with the Clippers team stand together to say the same thing or demand a trade promptly at the end of the season.  This  cannot be accepted at any level or made any allowances for, it is  time for them to go.


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