A Critique on Criticism

Josh Smith.  Monte Ellis.  DeMarcus Cousins.  Russel Westbrook.  Some of the most criticized players in the NBA.  “Not a Winner”.  “Uncoachable”.  “Not a team player”.  “Selfish”.  Many labels are placed upon people whom we do not feel are performing up to our expectations, our hopes for them, our aspirations, our …

This, unfortunately, does not stop here.  Children in sports are constantly viewed as less than an imaginary level of status worthy of value and respect.  We shake our heads at other parent’s children.  Our own children, players, students, etc.  What is this standard?  What is this imaginary plateau to which we pressure and reinforce, negatively or positively, people to strive for?

As the new season of basketball of all ages approaches, maybe we should consider this question?  Why do I have expectations, what are they, and are they true?  Sports are games.  A form of entertainment.  A source of community and opportunity to build relationships.   Just something to ponder.  Even if someone under-performs whom you are watching or playing with, maybe take a minute to take in the friend whom you share the court with, the smile on your child’s face throughout the game, the friendships on your team, the entertaining play the athlete makes on the television, even if it does not equal to the game victory you had hoped for.Image


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