Loyalty is Overrated

kobe-bryant-instagram-dwight-howard-rocketsSo who’s a loyal fan?
Is it you?

The die-hard fan, loyal to the end.

Who’s the heart and soul of their franchise, only to find himself traded? Have we forgotten that this is a business? Owners are business men first, second, and third and a fan dead last.

Embracing the business of professional sports can actually make for a more exciting experience, like the stock market (that I know next to nothing about) someone has to sell for someone to buy, fall to rise. Instead of being devastated by the fall anticipate the rise. This is only natural.

Cleveland Cavalier’s fall became the rise of a Miami Heat dynasty run. Duke University Men’s Basketball’s loss of spectacular Kyrie Irving became Cleveland Cavalier’s renewed hope. The Seattle Supersonic’s loss was the city of Oklahoma’s great find.

So with that said, what is on the horizon?

The Houston Rockets are poised for the next Shaq/Kobe dynast run possibly. Los Angeles Lakers are more resolved than ever to take a page from the San Antonio Spurs book and turn back the clock of time next season. The Golden State Warriors will be ready for a title shot as they step onto the top floor of the league. The Brooklyn Nets are all-in.

So as this offseason continues. Summer League unfolds. Let go of old ties to franchises and grab ahold of the new horizons emerging around this wonderful business of professional basketball.

Ps. Shouts out to Portland Trailblazers, New Orleans Pelicans, Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves.


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