We Are Sparta!

Somehow when I look at this Oklahoma City Thunder team I can’t help but think of the epic action film 300.  Yes, the Thunder have been routed and flanked.  James Harden’s no-show in the finals has been as significant as the hunchbacks betrayal of King Lionidas and his 300 men.  There is something else when I look into the promising eyes of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook that tells me like the Lionidas that they will not simply vanish into the night and go down without a fight, this team is determined to meet them in battle nonetheless and seek out their glorious death on the hardwood with blood, sweat and tears.

Unlike the epic 300, Oklahoma will have a tomorrow when this is all said and done.  These kids (the core of Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka are all under 23 years of age) will have battle scars well earned and an experience that should leave the league shuddering in their wake next season.  With a seemingly endless amount of growth each young member has the ability to do, one can almost be assured that they will coming into next season. 

Now, call me an optimist but there is something different about this group of guys than any other team I have seen before.  They simply do not know how to quit.  Every loss only seems to make them that much more determined to conquer the next.  Almost like my buddy Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk, hitting him only makes him angrier and subsequently stronger.  My last thought, that I have retained after each NBA Finals game defeat of the Thunder by the Miami Heat is if this Thunder team ever figures out how to beat this Miami team in this series they have the ability to win three in a row. I still hold fast to that sentiment. 

So I will be glued to the television at work tomorrow (working at 24HourFitness has its perks) as millions of other fans will be doing: watching a young team too foolhardy to realize that they are down for the count and can’t get up.  We’ll watch them get back to their feet unaware that they are in for certain defeat. We’ll see them get back in their stance and position to take one more swing.  Miami brace and pray they don’t connect before the fat lady sings. 


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